The human body is a way to express our "soul’s experience."
There is an inner landscape within us that is often veiled, even from ourselves ....
It is complicated and simple ....
It is full of life, struggle, endurance and stubbornness.

These paintings, prints and sculpture are about strength ... not death or passive submission. Poetry, novels, the Bible – all are a source of inspiration. Within them are ideas and images that lead us to appreciate the complexity of the inner life of ourselves and others. Each word, phrase, story points out another door to open – and through that open door there is a small window.

Momentarily we see something imperfect … incomplete ... but what a wonderful glimmer of possibilities in the mind's eye. The problem is not to daydream … but to grasp these thoughts and form them with the real material of paint, ink and clay. To express this landscape requires the training of the eye, hand and mind. Think of the musician.

I hope that these attempts resonate with others….

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